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Benefits of CGI vs Photography


CGI is faster than photography. Removing the need for logistics, set building and photo shoots, speeds up CGI room set delivery time dramatically.
With CGI you can create content before the product arrives from the factory. This allows you to go to market faster.


CGI can reduce photography related costs by 25% or more. Without the need to ship physical product back and forth, light the set, tear-down etc. the main cost drivers are removed.
CGI assets can be easily modified and deployed online, in catalogs and configurators, cutting marketing costs.


CGI is more flexible than photography. Once the asset has been created digitally, you can showcase multiple colors, styles and textures easily.
As opposed to photography, the set can be stored indefinitely for future reuse; such as inserting a new line of products.

Replace expensive photo shoots with our photo-realistic CGI roomsets

CGI Room Sets Kitchen from 360 bCGI Room Sets Kitchen from 360 w

CGI Room Sets - Supplying the Metaverse - AR, VR or Photography

We create 360 degree views of any roomset then convert to VR