Replace Product Photography with Photorealistic CGI Room Set Photography

Save time and money using our photorealistic 3D CGI Roomsets to replace your product photography

We specialize in creating stunning, photorealistic images of your product, perfectly styled and positioned in beautiful room sets such as a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Save time and money by replacing Digital Product Photography content with CGI. CGI assets are also more flexible and easier to edit and deploy on eCommerce sites, social media posts or printed catalogs.

Virtual Reality Assets - Roomsets for use in VR

We can provide your VR Agency with 3D CGI building blocks for use in immersive experiences

We create 3D environments for use in your next Virtual Reality project. Each environment is fully modeled in great detail to bring that sense of realism to your experience. We pay great attention to those small but so very important details that are necessary to keep the player immersed in the experience. We deliver full 3D models and roomsets in 3DS Max format for use in Virtual Reality experiences.

CGI Configurators and 360 Videos Increase Conversion Rates,

We create 3D models of your product to use in stills, 360 product videos and visual configurators for eCommerce

We use your products in relevant environments to show customers how your product will look in their home, office or any environment you choose. We can also build custom configurators that allow clients to switch between the many variations of your product in different room sets. For example, show variations of flooring, cabinets, appliances and counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms. We also connect the configurator to your eCommerce platform to increase conversion rates.