We are experts in CGI Room Set design and creation which enables you to replace expensive and time-consuming product photography. We also create VR environments and visual configurators.

JCH is based in Austin, TX and was founded in 2013, with the goal of making it easier for companies to work through the expensive and time-consuming task of switching from one eCommerce platform to another. Through our years of experience helping companies to work through their eCommerce and digital marketing challenges, we identified another area that companies were spending a lot of time and resources on; Product Photography. The amount of time and money spent on all types of commercial photography is shocking, we decided to help change that by creating CGI Room Sets to replace expensive Product Photography.

The costs associated with product photography, room photography and on-location photo shoots are significant. Between the logistics of shipping physical products back and forth, the expensive locations, equipment, and skilled staff to run the shoot and the total time required for the entire process, we identified a real opportunity to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of assets.
Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology has developed to the point where we can generate very complex models that can then be converted into photorealistic “photography” that is indistinguishable from actual real-world photography. You get all the benefits of photography but infinitely more flexibility since we can change lighting and camera settings as well as any texture, colors or materials within the computer model. We can also convert those models Virtual Reality environments for VR agencies or companies to use when building their immersive VR experiences.
Finally, we build web-based CGI room set configurators for use in-store or on eCommerce sites. This allows your customers to see the wide range of product options available which helps increase conversion rates. Checkout our portfolio of room sets or checkout some cool videos on our YouTube Channel.
Our capabilities are only limited by your imagination. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss your ideas for your next project.