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At JCH, we specialize in ecommerce replatforming. We have developed proprietary processes, templates and methods to accelerate any replatforming project. We help clients find the right platform, quickly and at the right price.

We have extensive, real world, experience with many of the most popular ecommerce platforms including; Oracle Commerce, Websphere, Intershop, Digital River, DemandWare, Hybris, InsiteCommerce, eBay Commerce, MarketLive, Magento and Big Commerce.

We are very familiar with most of the legacy technology that exists in many companies today and can help you with figuring out how to make that important transition into a new platform.

Our Services

These Are Some Examples of the Types of Services we Offer - However, Every Engagement Is Unique

Strategy Development

We help clients work through the complicated process of developing a Digital Strategy.
This includes an eCommerce Strategy, eCommerce Replatforming, RFP Management, Contract Negotiation and Digital Marketing Strategy.

We develop both US only and global strategies depending on the need of our clients.
JCH has extensive experience operating in Europe and Asia as well as here in the US.

We offer full professional research capabilities to clients who need to conduct in depth research as part of the strategy development process.

Technology Selection

We leverage a set of proprietary processes to quickly identify the right eCommerce Platform to support our customers’ goals.

We have a very broad range of real world experience with most major eCommerce Platforms including; Websphere, Oracle Commerce, Intershop, Digital River, DemandWare, Hybris, eBay Commerce, MarketLive, OneStop, Magento, Insite, Big Commerce and WordPress/WooCommerce.

We understand most supporting technologies required to maximize eCommerce platforms such as personalization engines, analytics software, CMS’s, email providers, product configurators, quote engines and tag management solutions to name a few.

Some Examples of Third Party Providers –

Certona, Rich Relevance, Adobe CQ5, Omniture, Google Analytics, Bronto, Blue Hornet, Constant Contact, BigMachines, Technicon, Tellium, Ensighten.

JCH has developed an Accelerated Vendor Selection Process (AVSP). In order to cut down on the amount of time necessary for a replatforming, JCH will determine an appropriate shortlist of vendors to go through our process. We take the client through this process which is transparent and lends itself to consolidating support amongst internal stakeholders.

Platform Management

For customers with new ecommerce platforms, we implement analytics tagging for programs such as Omniture or Google Analytics.

For customers with existing sites, we conduct detailed reviews of their site architecture and coding. We then analyze their tagging structure as well as their analytics data. Based on that analysis we develop fixes for tagging the site properly.

Having spent a lot of our time in the Direct Marketing industry we’ve developed a broad range of capabilities around online testing. We use various tools to incrementally test and improve attributes such as Conversion Rate, Average Order Value (AOV), Life Time Value (LTV), Cross-Sell and Up-Sell %.

We provide assistance in setting up and managing online Merchandising Campaigns. We can run it from beginning to end including asset creation or just provide direction on setup.

We work with our clients to develop Digital Personas that represent their customer segments to enable more efficient merchandising and marketing. We design, develop and manage the required content to support our clients’ goals around the use of Personalization.

Digital Marketing

During our careers, we have literally invested hundreds of millions of Marketing Dollars generating billions of dollars in revenue.

We develop marketing strategies from the ground up or improve on existing programs already in place. We consider everything from budgets and ROAS targets to type of product, channel and profit margins.

We engage with clients to solve the problem of Attribution. It’s common for companies to be unsure of how to allocate credit for sales generated by the various media channels they employ. We work with them to determine the best model for them, be it Fractional Allocation, First Touch, Last Touch, Liner, Time Decay etc.

We specialize in Direct Response or Performance Marketing but have also ran Branding Campaigns in Mass Media channels such as TV, Radio and Direct Mail.

We help clients properly allocate marketing dollars across all media channels, we have strong capabilities in the following;

SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, Mobile, Digital Video, Display & Display Retargeting, Affiliates, Data Feeds and many other digital media placement opportunities such as digital radio, online gaming and integrated content.

We have specific and unique experience in Celebrity Marketing and Celebrity commerce. We’ve spent a lot of time understanding the dynamics and processes involved in converting the unaided brand awareness of a celebrity into real world ecommerce revenue. We did a lot of this work directly with Jessica Simpson and her management team.

End - To - End Solution

For some companies, we offer all of the above and more. JCH works with companies who bring their brand and and their budget and have us do everything else. We can both setup and manage your entire business from designing and building your online store, to creating and running marketing campaigns, to processing and shipping orders or any combination in between.

As part of the Strategy Development process we conduct a discovery session with the client to determine factors such as competitive landscape, target customer profiles, business goals and budgets.

We determine which ecommerce platform and third party technologies will best support the strategy. We include factors such as setup costs, maintenance costs, feature set and complexity of the solution. We are very familiar with ecommerce platforms of all sizes

We design a look and feel consistent with the clients brand. We work with the client to choose the colors, fonts and imagery that will give their site the unique qualities that they want to see in the design.

We also offer photography and videography services to shoot engaging, high quality shots of your products that customers will appreciate. We of course can also use any pre-existing assets you may have.

We setup the site to be SEO friendly from launch. After that we work with the client to develop a marketing plan, test into that plan and then set budgets for each media channel. We can then manage marketing campaigns on behalf of the client or the client can manage internally. We have extensive experience with both offline and online channels.

We also include initial tagging of the site for web analytics packages. We have extensive experience with most analytics packages in the market today. We also setup regular automated reports to track key business metrics.

Warehousing, Order processing, Shipping, Customer Support and Returns Management are all services available to clients who want to outsource their operations. They require separate contracts with our third party providers but we will deliver a solution that is integrated from a technical perspective so that orders can be processed and customer enquires answered.



Our Work

Examples of Sites the Team has either Developed a Strategy for, Designed, Built, Managed, Marketed and/or Selected the Platforms they run on.

About JCH

Learn More About Our Experience

At JCH, we specialize in eCommerce Consulting. We have over 35 years of experience in eCommerce, from the days of AS400's and HTML GUI's, through the era of homegrown LAMP stacks with company owned data centers and now, into the world of Cloud Computing, SaaS eCommerce platforms and Mobile Commerce. We can help you work through the complicated process of developing an eCommerce Strategy that will meet your specific requirements, including complexity and cost, through the often daunting challenge of identifying the right eCommerce Platform and Third Party Partners to quickly and efficiently support your business goals. We've developed a set of processes known as the Accelerated Vendor Selection Process or AVSP, that will save you months and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars navigating your way to the point where you can confidently launch a new eCommerce solution.

We've done work for all sizes of companies from Fortune 500's through Start-ups and over the years have gained experience with most major eCommerce platforms such as Websphere, ATG / Oracle Commerce, Intershop, Digital River, DemandWare, Hybris, GSI / eBay Commerce, MarketLive, Magento, Big Commerce and WordPress / WooCommerce as well as important supporting technologies such as personalization engines, analytics software, configuration tools, tag management solutions and of course a full breadth of capabilities around Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing.

Finally, we're extremely familiar with many of the legacy platforms and technologies that we still frequently see in use today. AS400's are a lot more prevalent still than you might think and we've worked with many homegrown Order Management, Supply Chain and Procurement systems as well as major ERP platforms such as JBA, JDE, i2 and Infor. Too many to name here for sure but our point is, we've pretty much seen it all and are very comfortable in legacy environments.

Please feel free to contact us .

We're happy to discuss your particular situation and determine if we are the right team to help you to achieve your goals.


Over 35 Years of Global, Start-Up through Fortune 500, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Experience

Executive Team Bio’s

John Costello - CEO

John has more than 20 years of successful international experience in general management, e-commerce, digital media and marketing.

He most recently held the position of CEO, Simpson Digital, a Jessica Simpson Company, built around Celebrity e-commerce. Prior to that, John was SVP, Digital at Guthy-Renker (GR), a $1.7B industry leading direct marketing company, where he successfully created and implemented an e-commerce and digital marketing strategy.

His team managed over 100 web sites globally, driving revenue in the hundred’s of millions. Prior to GR, John held senior management positions at Acer, Gateway, AT&T and Dell. Throughout his career to date he has sold in excess of $1B in goods and services online and managed the efficient spend of marketing dollars in excess of $300M. His management responsibilities have included multi-site supervision of over 160 personnel on 3 continents.

Srinivasa Boppana - CTO

Srinivasa has over 15 years of e-commerce and technology experience. He most recently held the position of Vice President, eCommerce and Technology at Simpson Digital. Prior to that he was the Senior Director, e-commerce and technology at Guthy-Renker, a leading direct Marketing company, where he successfully managed web operations, including the sourcing and deployment of numerous web technologies including new e-commerce platforms.

Prior to Guthy-Renker, Srinivasa was head of ecommerce and web operations for Acer’s PANAM division. He has also held numerous management positions in both the marketing and IT departments at Gateway, including head of the Global Gateway ecommerce and Web Operations. Srinivasa has designed, implemented, migrated and managed multiple ecommerce and technology solutions throughout his career. He is experienced in the design, build, implementation and maintenance of in house custom developed solutions as well as the selection and management of outsourced SaaS based platforms.

Van Andrews - GM

JCH is very fortunate to have Van share his considerable skills and experience with us. He brings a wealth of sales and management experience to JCH and our customers.

Previously, Van served as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Maxwell Technologies, Inc. Before that he served as Vice President for Channel Sales of D-Link Systems, Inc. Prior to joining D-Link Systems, he served as President of Admor Memory, where he managed operations, sales, marketing, manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics.

Previously, he served as president & Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Robotics, general manager of Gateway Computers' Business-to-Business unit and General Manager of Toshiba America Information Systems' Computer Systems Division. Mr. Andrews held senior executive positions with Gateway, Inc., Toshiba, U.S. Robotics, Panasonic and Epson.

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